Sunday, May 02, 2010

Penciling and inking on a hot summer's day to the fine tunes of WFMU

A workvlog drawing clip thingy by Salgood Sam

Time lapsed footage of me penciling and inking - This art is for a short film project. The story of Adolf Busch, "One Good German" chronicles his last three months in Germany before first leaving by choice, and then being exiled as a trator. It's being directed by James Murdoch, and will air on Bravo when completed! Very cool. The real sound track will be from a new album of Busch and Walter Brauntfels work, "Two Roads to Exile". Recorded by the ARC.

Here's my flicker work set for the project

the ARC CD
The composers

Nope, that's not Bach in the background !
[ don't worry James! I'll post some completed stuff with samples of the album. ]

When i recorded this the sound of my AC dominated the raw file, and i ran the footage 8x normal speed in places so could not use the ambient sound, but this really was the podcast/radio show i was listening to while doing the work. Have listened to a lot of Busch lately but not what i'm used to drawing with.

Rather, it's more likely to be Downtown Soulville with Mr. Fine Wine. Plays on air in New York fridays and online all week long! Wanted to give them a nod and tell anyone watching this to check out their programing. Awesome.

max aka Salgood Sam

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