Saturday, May 28, 2011

New site, new blog, bye bye blogspot!

So i finally got around to doing a proper overhaul of my main web site, and in doing so have reintegrated my blogs back into the site there. So unless I find a way to slave it to the one on my site I won't be using this blogspot bog anymore. Follow my latest CH0 posts here from now on.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Expozine 2010

OK, so it was a pretty fun weekend though i got nailed by the flue after all that. Gave me time to edit the video i took though. Sorry for the crappy sound, mostly could not be helped, cheep camera. Will upgrade some time when i have the spare cash. So i shot a two part tour of the event, talked to a lot of people, and below the clips here i'm posting links to as many as i can manage.

Part 1
Marc Taro Holmes posted the painting he's doing at the start of the clip here
Jack Ruttan posted his own clip of Expozine stuff, see that here.

The trippy prints of drawings of urban landscapes next to him were by

Way Magazine by Jennifer Hamilton

The Parti Rhinocéros, Rhinoceros Party of Canada

F. A. Nettelbeck's new book : Happy Hour

Colon White

Kristen Mccrea

Poètes de Brousse

Looper Projects - Allison Moore

Valerie Sury

Frank Fournier - Détritus

Lickety Split smut zine

WORN Fashion Journal

Robin Enrico, from Brooklyn, NY!


Matt Reichmann online

And a look at NU comix on facebook

grab it at the Concordia co-op bookstore

Part 2

Doug Wright Award nominated artist, John Martz!

Aaron Costain

Dean Garlick (Anteism)

Erik Volet's art

Ivan Klipstein - of The Auroratones

Sherwin "sully" Tjia ["i'm drunk man, i can't, i can't...]

Conundrum Press table

Daniel Ha

Véhicule Press table

Matrix Magazine table

Kim Hoang of the Love Love Hill Collective

Freelance Blues table

Wonderfuls table

Eric Theriault

Emilio Esteban

Plan B, Université du Québec en Outaouais comic's program's student anthology.

Fanzinothèque table

New Escapologist

Robert Wringham

Shanti's Book of Panties
By Samara Leibner

Samara Leibner


Jesse Bochner

the Drawn & Quarterly table

the anteism table

Jimmy Beaulieu

and i lost track after that!

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Penciling and inking on a hot summer's day to the fine tunes of WFMU

A workvlog drawing clip thingy by Salgood Sam

Time lapsed footage of me penciling and inking - This art is for a short film project. The story of Adolf Busch, "One Good German" chronicles his last three months in Germany before first leaving by choice, and then being exiled as a trator. It's being directed by James Murdoch, and will air on Bravo when completed! Very cool. The real sound track will be from a new album of Busch and Walter Brauntfels work, "Two Roads to Exile". Recorded by the ARC.

Here's my flicker work set for the project

the ARC CD
The composers

Nope, that's not Bach in the background !
[ don't worry James! I'll post some completed stuff with samples of the album. ]

When i recorded this the sound of my AC dominated the raw file, and i ran the footage 8x normal speed in places so could not use the ambient sound, but this really was the podcast/radio show i was listening to while doing the work. Have listened to a lot of Busch lately but not what i'm used to drawing with.

Rather, it's more likely to be Downtown Soulville with Mr. Fine Wine. Plays on air in New York fridays and online all week long! Wanted to give them a nod and tell anyone watching this to check out their programing. Awesome.

max aka Salgood Sam

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Expozine 2009 short doc

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

the Rated R Show

Gallery walk through of the Rated R Show, with Salgood Sam and Oscar the cat, for Sequential the Canadian comics blog!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Day one at the Montreal Comic Con

Footage taken on Sept 19th at the Montreal Comic Con By Salgood Sam for Sequential the Canadian comic news blog!

The show, in key word text!

Montreal convention 2009 buggy metro salgood sam gear train subway wrestler wokie hulk spidy guy in glasses citizen justice cat girl artist ally as seen on tv HEY surprise Jimmy Suzan Reign noumiwer tawilah 2d art evol evol cool deal optimum wound ideas armor 501st Legion Crowds kids Michael Lacombe rebel princess leia not Hulk troll in armor from starwars? lost my place, Oh hey it's Darwin Cook Karl Serge Herb Trimpe Maria de Aragon Jeremy Bulloch Boba Fett storm trooper scares a babby it a moving camera yes Wes Craig Tom Fowler Geof Isherwood Gabriel Morissette drinking water evil laugh Archie Show Shannon Leo Leibelman Asympotote cool looking strip It's video bilingual Hello Jimmy Beaulieu nice font I make comics under dressed bagarre fight comics international collection preview graphic novel mad man drawing 400 original covers aplomb Toycompany jose who has the time magic hat oliver christ prints big book manga renaissance Bernie Mireault

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

MoCCA 2009 in New York City

Some footage from this years MoCCA.
It was hot, huge, and packed. I really only shot a tinny part of it, overwhelmed by the humidity and all the people & books, i just kind of frazzled out after walking one and a half isle. There was just so much stuff to see.

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Making Good Comics in a New Era

Good panel from MoCCA 2009 in New York City, with Alvin Buenaventura (Buenaventura Books), Mats Jonsson (Gallago), Tom Neely (2007 Ignatz Winner), Brett Warnock (Top Shelf), Julia Wertz (, Dylan Williams (Sparkplug Comics). Chaired by Heidi MacDonald (The Beat).

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Michelle Tompkins live at Le Cagibi Jan 18 '09

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Pohadky book launch and talk with Marek Colek & Pat Shewchuk of Tin Can Forest

Show and tell with Marek Colek & Pat Shewchuk of Tin Can Forest, an Independent Art Animation + Design Studio based in Toronto.

Shot Friday, November 28th 2008 @ the Drawn & Quarterly Store by Salgood Sam.

Download | WMV

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Late night walk across the bridge after Osheaga 08.

Walker: Isabelle Mignault
Song clip:Sad And Young by Trans Am off of Futureworld.

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Osheaga 08: broken social scene serenades a rainbow @ sunset

Lovely rainbow came out for the last few songs of their set, it was a special moment.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Poetic Tea & Jam

The Infringement Festival's Automaton Tea Module PRESENTS: Poetic Tea & Jam

featuring poets: Cassandra Witteman, Kathryn Hunt, Izzy Insane, Virgil Addison, and James Irwin

Automatic Tea Ceremony followed the performance with hot tea and treats for all.

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James Irwin : live poetry reading at the Poetic Tea & Jam

Reading @ The Montreal Infringement Festival's Poetic Tea & Jam presented buy the Automaton Tea Module.

Download | MP4

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mad'mFia does a dance to Feel Good Inc.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Download | MP4

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Andalunda Vernissage, Friday May 25th.

Download | MP4 | WMV

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Strings and chants in the Jean Talon Metro

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Meghan And Stephanie @ the Msguided launch

Live clip from the Ms.Guided zine launch may the 23rd In Montreal. Recorded by Salgood Sam. The singer/songwriter on the guitar is Meghan Riley.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

This is CH ZERO 002

Had this done for a while now, finally getting around to posting it...

There are some interesting sample bits, a little bit of Lenny Bruce, and how to talk to hipsters...

Band - Song - Album

Sinphonic - I live upstairs of the mafia - Man Vs. Himself
DJ SOCALLED aka Josh Dolgin - You are never alone -
David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness! - Moskowitz - Bubbemeises: Leis my Gramma Told me -
Ronley Teper - Ma Nishtana - Cornered In The Alley -

5 months later, we're back!

Frank Zappa - Burnt Weeny Sandwich - Igor's Boogie
Tom Waits - Walk Away - Orphans
Beatles, remixed by 'that guy', the honorable Sir George Henry Martin and his son Giles Martin - Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! / I Want You (She's So Heavy) / Helter Skelter - Love {tweaked, cut off the freak out to dove into the next tune...}
Small Faces - Lazy Sunday - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
Kinks - Sunny Afternoon - The Ultimate Collection
Butthole Surfers - TV Star - Electriclarryland

and that's it....
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

New stuff in the Feed

Hey all.
Some stuff is in the works, more coming soon. But the feed is active! I have a new tune for you, and an audio tag from the upcoming episode of the show. Cheers!

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

pussycats rather than pigs

Ok, fair warning! This is a mash up experiment -- an old radio doc about soft drug dealers mixed with vid from a drive to Windsor ont new years eve 1999. It's more interesting than good, but i like it. Created with an old VCR, my camera as a source for the vid, and two beat boxes daisy chained to allow me to mix three audio sources. Very low-fi stuff. The audio comes from an old CBC radio doc, one of the 'dealers' is my father.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This is CH ZERO

The name comes from the song. CH ZERO was first called Signal to Noise, but after a while I decided to change that and CH 0 was born.

Though there are some commonalities, It has nothing directly to do with this channel zero, or this one, though both are cool ;).

For 7 years on CIUT 89.5 fm, I produced and co-hosted the show. We had a series of in-house troupes doing radio plays, spoken word performances, and sketch comedy.

I played with sampling on my old mac LC [it still works!], and mixed live using 2 turntables, 2 tape decks, & 2 CD players running material taken randomly from the library or pre-recorded to tape.

It was a fun show, I enjoyed my time on it! But like many things that become routine, after 7 yrs I decided it was time for a change.

Recently the bug has been nipping at me, but I still don't want to be locked into a schedule. Along comes POD CASTING. Well damn. That's just about right.

So CH ZERO is reborn....

CH ZERO zero zero one

It's 54.895 KB, at 164kb/a sec,
it will take about 5min to download the file.
[right click the link to download it to your computer]
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5

Or, use xml the FEED [right click to copy the url] in iPodder or Itunes!

This show is not for profit. all content is © the original artist or those they have signed their life away too.

This episode, we spend some time at the Monthly Montreal Comix Jam with Sherwin Tija [photo care of Mr. Boggedy], we listen to some tunes, hear some words, and contemplate.
Enjoy the show,

Let me know
What you think?

The Play List

Opening noises.
Border radio: Turn your radio on 1933/34 Asher Sizemore & little jimmy.
Jesse Bochner and Sherwin Tija: "comics are for communists!"
Sample: doodoope-doodoope-doodoope
"The Question is this": Dr. Fredric Wertham
Sample: anon Crunching guitar loop.
Sample: "A little what?" an old roomate, Bridget.
Sample; cut up old phone message:"if you have it and need it..." Alex Megelas.
Sample: "Looks like real, feels like real" - old B&W add for children's toy.
Sample: "Don't that make your brown eye blue" sound bite from an old broadcast of 'weird tv' around the mid 90's.
Sample: "naked pictures" don't know the origin, odd bit of radio I think I grabbed off the American airways in NY mid 90's with a sonny tape recorder.
Sample: "I'll be back, no I don't think so, biff bam pow" Cut up, Arnold vs. Nimoy.

Voices of the Monthly Montreal Comix Jam: Jack Ruttan, Sherwin Tija, Jesse Bochner.

Lake of Stew; I Am Violent . A live recording from a Wednesday night jam over the fish store on st. Viateur!

More jam voices: shooting the shit about shading. +Sherwin's tune list

The Weekend [+]; Kick Myself

More jam voices: "i'm going to have to get rid of some of you"

Metric [+]; Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?; Dead Disco

More jam voices: Go pretty

The Dead Milkmen; Punk Rock Girl

Max does the DJ thing as fast as Max can.

Adem; Long drive home

Comic Book Crazy with Sherwin Tija aka Sully, aka The Hipless Boy [+][+][+][+][+]

The Dinner is Ruined; Love Songs from the Lubritorium; Basic Training & Carnival Of Sole. [+][+][+]

Hunter S Thompson from Gonzo Papers, Vol. 3: Songs of the Doomed: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream.

Stuart Dempster; Didjerilayover

Brendan McLeod; HIV

Kiking Giant; HALO; Rachel's Song [+][+]

Max; sanding and cats & on memory

Unknown sample of funky klezmerish circuses horns, let me know if you know who it is?

Max does the DJ thing, not so fast this time.

The End
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